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Identical Twins Marry Identical Twins - But Then The Doctor Says, "STOP"

Briana Deane was in shock and failed to grasp what her identical sister said when she told her that she had fallen in love with a man who happened to be an identical twin. The story took an even more shocking turn, with Briana met the identical brother of her sister’s lover. That’s when Briana fell head over heels as well. This story went viral around the world, but the story just kept getting more and more interesting to the point where it seemed too ironic to be true. Keep reading to find out about this unbelievable tale of identical twins who fell in love with identical twins.

Identical Twins

It’s widely known that nobody understands each other best than identical twins. These siblings essentially share identical bodies due to their shared genetics. Identical twins often group up with the same memories and friends. This is usually the cause of their similar desires and needs.

Meet Brittany and Briana

Briana and Brittany are identical twins who always knew that they shared a special bond. They have stuck by each other’s side. They try to dress the same and even wear the same hairstyle. Along with this, they also both studied law.

Their Dating History

Being twins has always been a standard for the twins. They both tried dating men that they classified as ‘Singletons’ who are men without twin siblings. However, this always made them feel like something was missing. These ‘Singletons’ never grasp the concept of what it’s like to be part of a twin.

The Twins Festival

The twins attended the Twins Festival in August of 2017. The festival was located in Twinsburg, Ohio, and was the place where they met Jeremy and Josh Salyers. Briana has stated to many that it meeting these twins could only be classified as being a magical moment.

The First Meeting

Brittany was the first to spot Jeremy and Josh from the crowd. She couldn’t believe her eyes when we spotted the male twins walking past Briana and Brittany at the festival. That’s when the sisters decided they needed to get to know the boys.

Making Contact

Once the two pairs of twins began chatting, it didn’t take very long for them to all connect over social media. The boys reached out and told the girls how happy they were that they met and how they looked forward to seeing them at next year’s festival.

Not Satisfied

Brittany and Briana weren’t satisfied with Jeremy and Josh’s message and replied by simply saying, ‘why wait?’ Not long after receiving that message, the boys decided to make a trip to Virginia to see the sisters again after meeting at the festival.

An Understatement

Stating that the twin brothers’ trip to Virginia was a success would be a complete understatement. Everyone was very hopeful for their future and tried to get together as soon as possible. It seemed like a fairytale to both the sisters and the brothers.

Double the Fairytale

Just like Briana and Brittany, Jeremy and Josh had names that started with the same letter and also worked together in the same business. The brothers have even gone on to say that they knew they would never get married until their significant others were twins.

Double the Proposal

In February, Brittany, Briana, Josh, and Jeremy were accompanied by an Inside Edition camera crew when they took a trip to Twin Lakes, in Virginia. The sisters thought they were taking part in a commercial until the brothers both dropped to one knee.

The Partners

It’s clear that the couples shared a double bond. However, that doesn’t mean that they were all dating each other. Brittany and Josh were a pair, while Jeremy and Briana were another. These pairings only made sense because they were matched according to birth order.

The Marriage

It isn’t a shock to say that everyone was over the moon after getting engaged. The couples couldn’t be happier and wanted to get married as quickly as possible. They decided that they wanted to get married six months after getting engaged.

A Themed Wedding

Being twins plays a huge role in Jeremy, Josh, Briana, and Brittany’s identities. That’s why it was no surprise that the couples decided to theme their wedding with anything and everything twins. They got to share their magical moment together at the same altar.

Working Out the Wedding

Their wedding was planned to fit with their theme perfectly. That’s why they got two of everything. They had two identical wedding cakes, along with two identical wedding dresses, and even managed to find to ministers that looked identical. And the best location for this would have to be Twinsburg, Ohio.

The Difficulties

Twinsburg, Ohio, was undeniably the best location for the wedding. It wasn’t just the name that made it perfect, but also the significance of the Twins Festival that was thrown there. However, the problem was that none of the twins were Ohio residents.

The Outcome

Despite the obstacles they faced along the journey to their wedding, the actual ceremony went down without a hitch. However, a joint wedding ceremony wasn’t the only plans they had together. There were many things they had planned for their futures together.

A Reality Show

This twin-themed wedding was attended by more than just the friends and family members of the Deane sisters and Salyers brothers. The situation was incredibly unique and gained a lot of attention from various media outlets who wanted to report it.

The TV Special

The couples decided that they wanted to accept the TLC offer they received. However, instead of doing an entire show, they settled for a single documentary. The documentary was focused on the whole wedding, which was aired on the network in 2019.

Living Together

Briana, Jeremy, Brittany, and Josh started planning to live together after the wedding. They wanted to stay in the same house so they would stay as close together as possible and remain as involved in each other’s lives. However, pregnancy became a threat to the couples.

Having Kids

The brothers said that they wanted to have twins. Even though they understood that they would be collectively raising four children, they all agreed that it was the best idea. Better yet, they wanted their twins to be born on the same day.

Genetic Siblings

Although the children from each couple would respectively be cousins to one another. However, genetically speaking, the cousins would be full siblings, even though they would have different parents. This was a spectacular discovery for the couples.

Is It a Good Idea?

It’s incredibly challenging to identify the effects of having children with identical fathers and mothers. This is especially the case during the early development stage. However, at this time, this was only an idea, and having children was a long way away.

The Hashtag

As the twin couples were planning their wedding, they had the realization to create a hashtag to communicate their wedding in a unique and fun way. They wanted something that was magical yet hinted to their twin theme, which became #TwiceUponATime.

Pickler and Ben

TLC wasn’t the only TV network that wanted to tell the story of these identical twin quartet. A well-known TV show named Pickler and Ben asked the two couples to appear in April 2018. The twins used the platform to discuss their proposal, relationship, and upcoming wedding.

Two Rings

It’s no secret that finding the right engagement ring always seems to be a challenge. However, the twin couples’ situation was even more tricky. One good factor was that the sisters both had the same taste in jewelry, and they ended up loving their rings.

Identical Tuxedos and Dresses

It wasn’t just identical rings. Briana and Brittany wore the same dresses, while Josh and Jeremy wore identical tuxedos at the wedding ceremony. However, this wasn’t such a big deal as they often wore that same clothing. It wasn’t a big deal for the couples.

The Worst-Case

What if one of the sisters had said ‘no’ to the proposal. It surely would have put everyone in a tricky situation. The good thing is that this didn’t happen, as Briana and Brittany were deeply in love with the brothers, which created the perfect fairytale.

Practicing the Proposal

Jeremy and Josh wanted their proposal to be identical and perfect in every way. They wanted to propose in unison. However, this didn’t happen spontaneously, as the Salyer twins took the time to practice how they were going to propose.

An Optical Illusion

It’s no doubt that the Deane sisters and Salyer brothers are identical twins. However, they look incredibly alike that it sometimes seems like it could be an optical illusion. However, rest assured, this isn’t a trick. The couples just take ‘identical’ to another level.

Getting Pregnant at the Same Time

Brianna and Brittany didn’t just want to help each other raise their children. They also wanted to get pregnant at the same time. The reason for this is because it would be difficult for one of the twins to undergo radical physical differences without the other.

What the Parents Had to Say

Debra Deane, Briana, and Brittany’s mother has put a lot of thought into her daughters’ relationships. One thing she thought about a lot was how their family would work out because she knew that the children would end up having four parents.

The Negative Reactions

Although many of the responses are positive, there are some negative reactions to the story of the twins. Many find the entire living situation and ideas of raising children together to be very strange. However, the couples aren’t very bothered by these negative reactions.

Mirror Image Twins

Briana and Brittany are special from other twins as they are twins in the mirror image. This means that everything that the twins do, wear, and any other aspects are mirrored between each other. This is very hard to sustain, especially in a relationship, but it has worked out for them.

The Odds

Jeremy and Josh have both stated that they would never get married if they didn’t find twin women to marry. This was a difficult standard to uphold, but they weren’t satisfied with dating women who didn’t have a twin. This was also the case for the Deane sisters.

Unrealistic Dreams

The sisters were in their 30s, and they began doubting their dreams of finding twin brothers. They started to believe that their dreams were unrealistic. That was also the case for Jeremy and Josh, but everything changed once they all met.

Mixing Up

The question never fails to arise. Many people always ask if the couples have ever been mixed up or kissed the wrong twin. However, this has never occurred. In fact, Brittany has even gone on to say that it’s weird for people to think about such things.

Having Someone

One of Briana’s and Brittany’s greatest privileges is that they are able to see the person they grew up with and love immensely get their ‘happily ever after.’ The sisters have nothing but the utmost love and care about each other and their relationships.


Briana and Brittany are extremely aware of the unique lifestyle they have chosen to share. Even before meeting their future husbands, they had the idea to devote a blog to photos of the twins being together and showing how they live and dress in very identical ways.

Five Minutes Apart

Briana and Brittany Deane and their husbands, Josh and Jeremy Salyer, are identical twins. However, the couple also shares something else in common. Both of the twins were born exactly five minutes apart from one another.

Rising Fame

It doesn’t happen very often that an identical twin would find and marry another identical twin. Thus, the story of the Deane sisters and Salyer brothers made big news. Many people became incredibly intrigued by the entire story, and it attracted a lot of attention from the media.

The Couples’ TV Special

As previously mentioned, the couples accepted the TLC offer and did an entire show that was dedicated to their wedding. The documentary was mainly centered around their wedding. This TV special aired in 2019, which was watched by many.

Lifelong Bond

Of course, the twins have always been close and their connection is not fading anytime soon. On Brittany and Breanna celebrated their 33rd birthday, they shared this adorable throwback photo with the sweet caption from their husbands: “33 is an identical twin number, so this year is bound to be a good one!”

Celebrating Indoors

The twin couples celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary in August 2020. Unfortunately, as this was in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, they could not celebrate in a big way. However, we think they look pretty happy together, even with a quarantine-anniversary!

Big News

Shortly after their 2nd anniversary, the twin couples made an exciting announcement on their joint Instagram page. Of course, people had been speculating about this for a long time, but the twins waited until everything was official before sharing their news.

Double Expectation

The couples were dreaming of both getting pregnant at the same time, and on August 13th, 2020 they announced that this was the case! They shared: “Guess what!!?? BOTH couples are pregnant! We are thrilled and grateful to experience overlapping pregnancies and to share this news with you all!”

A Special Connection

They also shared: “Our children will not only be cousins, but full genetic siblings and quaternary multiples! Can’t wait to meet them and for them to meet each other!” Such exciting news!

More Media Interest

Of course, the twin couples’ unique story drew the attention of the media, but this announcement of course drew in newscasters once again. After their exciting pregnancy news, the couples were invited to share details on a segment of 

Due Date

The double Salyers waited until everything was official to share their news, but people were dying to know when the babies, who will be both genetic siblings and cousins, will be due. While they haven’t announced it officially, we’re guessing we’ll have to wait until April or May.

Matchy Matchy

Of course, we’re going to go ahead and assume that the best part of being identical twins who are pregnant at the same time is the fact that you can coordinate maternity wear. The twins wasted no time to get matching outfits that would accommodate their growing baby bumps.

Pregnancy Cravings

Of course, with every pregnancy come crazy food cravings, and Brittany and Breanna are no exception. They shared that both are experiencing the same cravings, of course! Both of them are suddenly having a penchant for gum, pickles, and Starbursts.


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