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Twins Give Birth On Same Day. When Doctor Looks At Babies His Jaw Drops To The Floor

These two girls gave birth to their beautiful children on exactly the same day. Such a coincidence! One would say. But they are also twin sisters. And that's not even the most bizarre thing about this story...

Now, of course, you know the stories of twins who are very close, but twins who are pregnant at the same time and give birth on exactly the same day?! That's a whole other story!

And the strangest thing is yet to come...

Because just after the birth, the doctor suddenly makes a shocking discovery...

"When I walked into the room, I was so shocked!," the doctor told the reporter.  "For a moment, I thought my eyes were deceiving me."

The doctor was so impressed by what he found when he walked into the delivery room that he blinked his eyes a few more times. But no, his eyes weren't deceiving him. This was real!

Curious about what he found in the delivery room? Then take a look at this incredible story...

The identical twin sisters, Lily and Ariana, were born 17 years ago in a secluded community. They grew up together and did everything together; you would never find Lily anywhere without Ariana close by and vice-versa.

They played together, were in the same class, had the same girlfriends, and wore the same clothes. Sometimes, even their own mother had trouble keeping them apart!

The two girls were inseparable and promised each other that they would always stay together. But to make sure that they would,  they came up with a very special plan...

The twins grew up in a community that isolated itself from the outside world. The division of roles here was still very traditional and girls were mainly expected to have children at a young age and to take care of the household.

Lily and Ariana grew up in this situation and knew no other way. Therefore, their biggest wish was to have children at the same time and raise them together. This way, they could stay together, forever.

But when their mother discovered that the girls were pregnant, this dream was in danger of shattering into a thousand pieces...

Lily and Ariana were already six months pregnant when their mother noticed that they had gained weight. She wondered where this weight gain could come from. The girls always had a healthy appetite, but they didn't eat enough to get this big.

So she decided to keep a close eye on them. So when the door to one of her daughter's room was left ajar,  she peeked inside.

The girls were just comparing their bellies to see whose baby was growing the fastest. "Mine's already kicking." She heard Lily say, her eyes grew big and she put a hand over her mouth.

But after a moment of bewilderment, she opened the door!

" WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!" she cried out loud, looking at the swollen bellies of her daughters.

The girls were frightened and anxiously grabbed their clothes to cover their bellies. But it was too late. their secret had been discovered and their mother was furious.

Not because of the pregnancy, but because they were not yet married.  'A disgrace', she called it, and she threatened to take the girls apart as punishment. Lily was going to live with her strict aunt and Ariana would stay at home with their mother.

Crying, the twins begged their mother to let them stay together, but to no avail. The two sisters wouldn't see each other for months.  Until the day of the delivery...

During the night, Lily suddenly  felt a stabbing pain in her abdomen. And when she looked under the blankets, her whole bed was  bloody and soaking wet. She screamed in fear, and her aunt rushed to her room.

When her aunt saw the blood, she quickly grabbed Lily by her arm and hurried her down the stairs, into the car. There was not a moment to lose; they had to go to the hospital NOW!

With screeching tires, they drove to the nearest hospital. Once there, Lily was immediately taken to the emergency room.

And then it was time...

Lily had to start giving birth almost immediately because the baby was stuck in the birth canal and this could become dangerous if it took too long.

With all her strength, Lily pushed her baby into the world. And then he was finally here,  her little man.

It had been a difficult birth for Lily and she would have to stay in hospital for some time.

When she was wheeled over to her room to rest, she felt a mixture of emotions. On the one hand, she was overjoyed with her baby, but on the other hand, she missed her sister. She hadn't seen her since her mother separated them months ago.

But when she arrived at her hospital room, a very special surprise awaited her...

Because there, on the other bed, her sister Ariana was lying with her own child in her arms. It seemed as if it was meant to be. Both sisters had given birth on exactly the same day.

When Lily and Ariana saw each other, they wanted to jump out of bed to hug each other, but the nurse stopped them. "There's plenty of time for that later, you should get some rest first," she said, soothingly.

The beds of the girls were put next to each other and they chatted away. They had missed eachother so badly that resting would have to wait.

But then came the biggest surprise of all...

When Lily's doctor walked into the room to see how she was doing, he thought he was going crazy for a moment. Not only did he see the two girls with their babies,  but there were also two young men who looked exactly alike!

He blinked his eyes a few times, but no, the image did not change. Confused, he walked towards this special foursome. "I feel like I'm seeing double!" he said, as he walked towards the beds.

Laughing, Lily and Ariana shook their heads. "No, this is Collin and Jon, the fathers of our children and also identical twins!" they declared in chorus.

This was unprecedented! One pair of identical twins who dated another pair of identical twins and gave birth on the very same day. Because this was such special news, the twins and their children were closely followed by the media.

Curious how they're doing now? Then take a look at the next page!

Now, 4 years later, the sisters have fulfilled their greatest wish: they live in two beautiful houses next to each other and are raising their children together with their husbands and fellow twins, Collin and Jon.

They moved away from the traditional commune, who had turned their backs on them because they had become pregnant out of wedlock.

It had been a heavy blow for the young girls,  but, where they lost one family, they gained a very special family of their own in return.

The two young families are still very happy together and would not trade this experience for the world!

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