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Boy Calls 911, When Cop Sees His Bedroom He Steps In And Helps

Never Saw Anything Like This Before

Officer Alex Jones follows Cameron to his bedroom. His door, where most boys would have a “keep out” sign hanging, was covered in scratch marks and pigments of paint were falling off. The officer pushes the door forward, but it's cold to the touch, stealing the heat from his warm fingers. Sweat trickles down the officer's forehead and lands on his crisp blue uniform. But just as he goes to wipe the sweat away, the door opens and Officer Jones has a terrible feeling hit the pit of his stomach.

He had never seen anything like this before.

A Decade As A Police Officer

Officer Alex Jones had been a police officer for a decade. There were times where his job was rewarding but it was also dangerous. Despite this, it was in his duty to protect and serve the people of his small town.

Yes, with 10 years on the job Officer Jones thought he had seen it all. Until now that is.

Starting His Shift

Officer Jones walks into the station armed with a fresh coffee and a fresh blueberry muffin his wife baked. As he got ready to start his shift, he nestled himself into his chair. But then a call came through piercing the silence lingering in the air of the station.

The call was from a little boy called Cameron and it sounded like he needed help.

Racing To His House

The officer races into his car and drives over to the address of Cameron. All the worst-case scenarios run through his mind as speeds across town to try and help this boy. Despite the traffic, the officer got there within 15 minutes. As he pulls up the house, he can feel his pulse pounding.

Surely it wasn't too late.

Boy On The Porch

As Officer Jones gets out of his car in the hazy heat of the August sun, he notices a little boy sat on the front porch of the house. That must be Cameron. The officer makes his way over to the boy, the house reflected in his overly-large sunglasses, to discuss what had happened.

But Officer Jones never could have predicted what would happen next.

Was He Lying?

"My mom wouldn't let me play my video game,” the boy revealed coyly. Despite his answer, Officer Jones's police instincts kicked in. The boy looked uneasy. Was this the genuine reason he called? It looked like something else was worrying him.

The officer thought there was more the story, and he was so right.

Eager To Find Out The Truth

Officer Jones asks the boy to show him his room and the boy hesitantly agrees. His mom out of the house as she was just round her neighbor's house “dropping off some food.” The Officer steps inside his house eager to find out some answers.

And straight away an uneasy feeling hit him the pit of his stomach.

Inside The House

The house was pretty much empty. There was hardly any furniture and it looked like they had just moved in. But Cameron and his family had been in this house for a few months now. So where were the framed family photos? The height chart on the wall, scribbled in crayon? The box of toys?

From that moment then, it began to dawn on Officer Jones that there might be more behind the cry for help, than a trivial argument between the boy and his mother.

Going To His Bedroom

Officer Jones follows Cameron to his room, his heartbeat pounding like a big bass drum. Cameron pushes the door, which had scratch marks all over it, and tells Officer Jones to come in. But as soon as the officer did, he was lost for words.

There's no way a boy could live like this.

How Did He Live Like This?

Stepping foot into his room, Officer Jones felt a chill up his spine. Cameroon didn't have a bed or anything else in the room – apart from a black garbage bag holding his clothes. How could a child live like this? And more importantly, why was he living like this?

Officer Jones knew he needed to find out the truth.

Truth Is Explained

It turned out that the boy's mom had been struggling since moving from South Carolina from Texas, as she looked after an unwell relative. This unfortunate situation resonated with Officer Jones and he knew he needed to take action.

But the family had no idea what was coming next.

Trick Up His Sleeve

A few days passed and Officer Jones kept in touch with Cameron via phone call. There's no way Officer Jones could let this boy carry on living how he’s been living for the last few months. But this officer had a trick up his sleeve.

And it was a trick that would leave the boy and his family lost for words.

Going Back To The House

Officer Jones pulls up to the Cameron's house in a truck. He gets out of the vehicle and makes his way to the front door. He knocks and Cameron opens it. "Hey, Cameron" the officer says, in a friendly tone. "Look at this," he says, before pointing behind him.

Cameron looks behind the officer and the boy bursts into tears when he sees what's in the officer's truck.

Surprise For Cameron

The Truck was carrying presents and gifts that were all bought by the officer. You see the officer had intended to finally fill up the space in Cameron's room. Among other things, Cameron received a new bed as well as a chair, a desk, and a television.

But the surprises didn't end there.

It's Easy To Be Kind

Cameron also received a brand new games console! He couldn't believe how kind a stranger could be. Especially a cop! It's safe to say that Cameron is now happy and content in his new room. And it just goes to show, it doesn't hurt to be kind!

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