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When Mom Hears Moaning from Her Baby's Monitor, She Rushes In and Finds This

A Michigan mom kept hearing strange noises at night and found strange scratches on her baby’s face. One night when she heard a strange moaning sound on the baby monitor, she rushed to the nursery,she was shocked that her baby was not alone.

Have you ever been in a situation where you discovered something that made you freeze in your tracks before propelling you into action, activating the flight or fight instinct?

That is exactly what happened to a young mother when she heard a strange moaning sound on the baby monitor. She rushed to the nursery to find out where the disturbing sound was coming from.

As she entered the nursery, she discovered what had happened - and she was shocked at what she saw.

How It All Began

Much like many other couples who fall in love, Roy and Benita decided to declare their love publicly and get married. Among the many things that Roy and Benita had in common, they had both always dreamed of having a family of their own.

For them, their marriage was the first step in fulfilling their shared dream of having a family and a house full of children. They would talk for hours about what it would be like to be parents.

Deciding to Try

Shortly after they got married, Benita and Roy decided to turn their words into action and try for children so that they could fulfill their dream of having a big family and a house full of kids. It wasn't long after they started trying that Benita found out some incredible news - she was pregnant.

She was thrilled when the pregnancy test came out as positive. She was ecstatic at the thought that her dreams were coming true and she was going to be a mother. Her excitement only made the next moment all the more heartbreaking.

Sad Turn of Events

Sadly, Benita’s pregnancy did not turn out the way that she and Roy had hoped. Instead, they experienced a situation that no hopeful parents should ever have to go through.

Benita gave birth to her baby early and the baby didn’t survive. In a tragic turn of events, Benita lost the chance of being a mother. Her and Roy had to work through the awfully difficult emotions that come with knowing that you have lost a child. But, they kept on trying.

Second Chance

Although Benita and Roy had lost their first baby, they did not give up on trying for children. Shortly after losing her first baby, Benita found out she was pregnant again.

Once again, she was thrilled and beyond excited about the opportunity to be a mother. Slowly, Benita’s belly grew and she got more and more excited about fulfilling her dream of having a big family. She was going to be a mother. At least, that is what she thought.

Premature Birth – And Death

Over the months, Roy and Benita became more and more excited to be new parents. Unfortunately, tragedy struck the young family a second time and the baby was born early and did not survive, leaving both potential parents extremely sad.

Benita’s second failed pregnancy filled both Benita and Roy with heartache. They had built up their excitement and were so looking forward to becoming the mother and father of a little baby. But still, they refused to give up.

Third Time is Not a Charm

Benita fell pregnant a third time and again, the baby was born prematurely and sadly did not survive. Benita and Roy had built up their hopes three times with three different pregnancies, only to have their dreams shattered by tragedy each time.

The couple felt devastation at the death of their babies. They had shared in the hope of their family dream coming true, and then had to deal with the pain of having their dreams snatched away.

An Unfillable Void

Both Benita and Roy were devastated by the death of their third baby. They felt as if their dreams of having a family would never come true. Benita felt that she had a hole in her heart that only a baby could fill.

For as long as she could remember, it had always been her dream to care for and nurture a baby, and she had come so close to this dream three times. It was during this time of sadness that something completely unexpected happened.


Benita had reached a point in her life where she felt that only a baby would fill the void that she felt in her heart. Just when she had lost all hope, the unexpected happened and Midnight came into her and Roy's life.

Midnight was a tiny, adorable stray kitten. The moment that the mourning couple laid eyes on the tiny creature, their parental instincts kicked in and they knew that he needed help. They had to come to his rescue.

Mutual Benefits

When the couple found Midnight, he was very young and weak. Together, they shared doubts as to whether he would be able to make it out alive on his own. It appeared as though Midnight needed them in order to survive.

But, as much as Midnight needed them, it turned out that they needed Midnight as well. The couple had the opportunity to love something in the same way that they would love a child. Little did they know just how much they would need Midnight in the future.

A Different Type of Child

As Benita began caring for Midnight, she could feel the void slowly starting to fill. It was obvious that Midnight needed someone to care for him. As Benita rose to the challenge, she started feeling better about not being able to be a mother of her own.

Midnight had become the child that they never had. They loved the cat and cared for him as their own. As they started feeling a purpose to care for the cat, they decided to stop trying for a baby. And that is when a miracle happened.

Best Surprise

By loving the cat as their child, Benita and Roy decided to stop trying to have a human baby. They had come to terms with this decision which is why it came as such a shock when Benita realized that she was pregnant - again.

The unexpected news made the couple incredibly happy. In the same breath, it also made them feel terrified. Benita had failed to give birth three times, what would make this pregnancy any different?

Give It Another Try

The expecting mother hoped with every part of her body that the baby would survive the full term pregnancy, but she also understood that the odds of this happening were pretty slim. Her three failed pregnancies made her prepare for the worst-case scenario and monitor her excitement closely.

Despite knowing risks of a failed pregnancy, she had never given up on her dream of having a baby and becoming a mother, and so she decided to give it another try.

Practicing Caution

As the pregnancy progressed without any hiccups over the months, Benita took extra care to be very cautious. The couple would anxiously look forward to each doctor’s appointment with anticipation, and rejoice a little bit with each consultation bringing good news.

With each check-up with the doctor being positive, Benita began to get a bit more excited and hopeful about being a mother. Perhaps this time the baby would survive and she would finally be able to start building a family.

It’s a Girl

Finally, Benita successfully carried her pregnancy to full-term without any issues. Both Benita and Roy were ecstatic when Benita gave birth to a perfectly healthy little girl.

They decided to name their little baby girl Stacy. They had waited so long for this moment and were thrilled to have a healthy baby girl. They had overcome so much heartache in the process and were finally able to hold their little girl in their arms. There was just one thing that they were concerned about. How would Midnight react?

Midnight’s Response To The Miracle Baby

Benita believes that Stacy was a true miracle baby. However, up until this point, Midnight had been the couple’s only baby. They had given Midnight all of their love and attention and the cat didn’t have to share this affection with anyone.

When it was time to leave the hospital, the couple was excited to take their baby home. Despite the excitement, they were a little bit concerned about how Midnight would react to the new baby in his territory.

Two Peas in A Pod

Luckily, Midnight did not have a problem and he took to Stacy very quickly. The couple didn’t have a thing to worry about as it was very clear that Midnight loved Stacy and immediately accepted her.

In fact, Midnight even became a form of bodyguard for Stacy. He would spend his days (and nights) keeping watch over Stacy. Wherever the baby was – Midnight was there too. They even slept in the same room. Roy and Benita were thrilled that their two “children” got on so well.

Stacy Gets Sick

At around six-weeks-old, Stacey got sick. Based on her previous experiences with health, Bernita was still very cautious and decided to take Stacy to the doctor right away. Her first priority was her baby's health.

Bernita’s whole body relaxed with relief when the doctor told her not to worry. Stacy simply had a cold and it was completely normal for babies around her age. The doctor assured her that there was nothing to worry about. At least, that’s what they thought.

Quality Time With The Grandparents

Bernita decided to invite her parents over for dinner. She was looking forward to spending time with her family and giving her parents a chance to build a loving relationship with their granddaughter.

Since Stacy was still sick, she was put down to sleep in her crib earlier than normal. As per usual, Midnight followed close behind.  As the responsible parent that she was, Bernita turned on the baby monitor and left Stacy to sleep while she spent time with her parents.

Disturbing Sound

The conversation was flowing nicely with Bernita, Roy and her parents. Suddenly, there was a disturbing sound coming from the nursery. Immediately, everyone stopped talking and began to listen closely, trying to figure out what the noise could be. 

It seemed as though the strange sound was actually moaning coming from the baby monitor. Panic set in and Bernita rushed to the nursery to find out what the haunting sound could be and that is when she discovered something that she will never forget.

A Call For Help

As Benita rushed into the nursery, she saw Midnight, howling into the baby monitor. This behavior was incredibly strange and Benita started to panic even more. She looked at Stacy lying quietly in the crib and was shocked.

Stacy had begun to turn blue and was struggling to breath. As Benita saw her daughter struggling, she felt instant fear and concern as she thought that she would lose her precious baby, in the same way that she had lost the three children before.

Rush to Hospital

The family kicked into survival mode and Roy, Benita, and her parents rushed Stacy to the closest hospital. When they got there, they heard the news that every parent dreads – Stacy had gone into full respiratory failure.

Luckily, the doctors were able to save Stacy’s life and she became the miracle baby a second time. Although the family felt complete relief, they couldn’t help thinking the unthinkable – what if they had not gotten Stacy to the hospital?

In the Nick of Time

Miraculously, Stacy survived, but she very nearly didn’t make it. The doctors told Benita that if the family had arrived at the hospital only a few minutes later, Stacy would not have survived and they would have lost their baby daughter.

Roy and Benita believe that Midnight is a hero. If he had not started howling into the baby monitor, they would never have been able to hear their daughter struggling to breathe and she would have died.

Midnight, the Hero

Benita will be forever grateful that Midnight went to their home that night, looking for a place to live. Not only did the little cat fill a void in her life as they helped each other through a difficult time, but the cat was also her baby’s guardian angel and saved Stacy’s life.

Roy believes that Midnight will always be Stacy’s hero. He looked after her when she needed him the most and for that, the family will be eternally grateful for their loyal cat.

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