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This Girl Looks Ordinary, Now Take Another Look When The Camera Moves Down

This story is going to prove that everything is possible especially if you want It very much. Life is obviously supported to some people and terribly unfair to others, that's life for you and we have to deal with all hardships with our heads held high.

A girl named  Shull suspected that something was wrong after having a bad fall on ice skating, at first it seemed like a simple bruise but everything was a lot more serious, osteosarcoma was the disappointing diagnosis she received. 

The nine year old gabi had to go to war with cancer and as everyone knows no war is without it's casualties. After a three month phase of chemotherapy, gaby received a rotationplasty they removed her knee cap which was affected by cancer and after turning the rest of the leg 180 degrees reattached to the femur.

Such an amputation allows a lot of mobility in the future even though it looks scary. However when a child's life is at stake the option are limited, her parents said we talked about it with Gabi and we watched videos of how people lived after having a rotationplasty we learned that there are absolute no constant rotationplasty except the way it looks and if you can get passed that and focus on your quality of life then you have gained everything and lost nothing.

Gabi said that after the surgery she had just one dream, to dance again, She did ballet before her knee was amputated and wanted to continue very happy much. This wish and the support of her loved ones motivated her a lot and guard her out of the hospital bed.

She said it was painful at first, I was afraid to put weight on my leg and it took me about a year and several personal training sections before I could take my first step without any assistance. And a year after that i was dancing on stage again.

Gabi shull is now 14 years old, she is once again training, taking part in competitions and motivating many others who beat cancer but whose rehabilitations still ahead of them. In future she wants to become a doctor in order to discover a cure for cancer, she said if I can beat cancer and live with a prosthetic leg and learn to do everything again then i believe I can do anything. 

Truly if a person wants something very much, he or she is capable of a lot no matter what you and only you can fulfill your dreams, don't listen to anyone who tells you that you'll not succeed. Those who do not believe in you are not your friends. 

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