Samsung enters the game to stir up "a pool of spring water", humanoid robot battlefield who master the ups and downs?

Samsung's entry into the humanoid robot market has stirred up competition. As the era of generative AI approaches, factories will become software-defined and robotized. The development of humanoid robots has attracted many tech giants, including Samsung. The development of humanoid robots can be divided into three stages: initial exploration, systematic perception, and decision-making.

Tesla is leading the wave with its Optimus humanoid robot. Other players such as Boston Dynamics and Honda are also in the game. Samsung has yet to disclose its full commercial plan but is expected to launch a medical robot utilizing humanoid robot technology. The cost of humanoid robots remains high, but Elon Musk predicts the production cost of Optimus to be less than $20,000. Joint mechanisms constitute the bulk of the hardware cost, making it the main challenge in the industry. Title: The Battle for Dominance in the Humanoid Robot Arena

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