Pope Francis has warned of the risks of artificial intelligence (AI), urging developers and users to take responsibility.

 In a statement on Tuesday, he emphasized the "destructive and conflicting effects" of AI and highlighted the threat of algorithmic bias in emerging technologies. The Pope called for the ethical reflection on AI to extend to education and law, in order to serve humanity and protect the vulnerable. His remarks align with experts' calls for responsible development and coordination of algorithms to uphold human rights and widely accepted values.

The statement comes after the Pope announced the theme for World Peace Day in 2024 as "Artificial Intelligence and Peace," seeking public attention to the potential impacts of AI. The Pope acknowledges the dignity of human beings and the importance of caring for the fate of the entire human family in promoting justice and peace. The article concludes by noting that the Pope himself has been a subject of deepfake AI, emphasizing the need for wise and cautious use of technology.

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