Musk's ex-girlfriend says she wants to go to Mars: It would be a pity to die on Earth


Musk's ex-girlfriend wants to go to Mars: "It would be a shame to die on Earth" According to a recent interview, Grimes, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk's ex-girlfriend, expressed her desire to one day live on Mars. Like her ex, Grimes is also fascinated by space and hopes that future technological developments will take people to Mars or other planets. "I want to die in space," Grimes said. "I want to go far enough that my body can't come back. That way, I would be closer to the end of my life. Maybe in 65 years." The singer also said that going to Mars would be amazing, and she hopes to see a giant building there in the future.

"I would go there and live as long as possible until I die," Grimes added. She mentioned that if she needed to take care of her children's grandchildren when she gets older, she might change her mind. Otherwise, she wants to move to Mars once her children are grown up. "If I die on Earth, I would regret it in my final moments. If I die in space, I would say, 'Your life was beautiful, and you did everything you wanted to do,'" she said. Grimes also talked about her two children with Musk. She mentioned that her 3-year-old son, X, has attended business meetings with Musk and knows a lot about rockets. "He knows more about rockets than I do," Grimes said. Last August, Grimes tweeted that X was upset when his toy rocket didn't enter orbit. In the recent interview, she mentioned that they no longer give X toys because he finds them "anatomically incorrect" and gets angry about it. "He's definitely a little engineer.

But his obsession with space is almost worrying in terms of 'Is this healthy?'" Grimes said. She also mentioned that X was emotionally devastated for three days after he witnessed Musk's spaceship, the "Starship," fail and explode during launch. The singer added that their daughter, Y, is also a "little engineer" who likes industrial shipping. Grimes said that being a mother has changed her and made her more optimistic. However, she worries that her children will feel pressure in their lives because their father is Musk. "Being Elon's child is different from being someone else's child," she said. Grimes talked about Musk saying, "I learned a lot from him. It's the best internship ever. People don't like talking about Elon, but seeing everything with SpaceX is incredible." She said that watching Musk work is like attending a "masterclass in leadership and engineering.

" The Canadian singer also learned things from observing Musk's Twitter leadership, which happened years after they broke up. She said, "Watching him, I understand how difficult it is to be a great general and to do something so significant. Elon has an old-school discipline that I deeply respect. I think it bothers a lot of people." Grimes said that Musk gave her many challenges, which allowed her to better manage her team and her life. She said, "I am now stronger and smarter than before." When asked what Musk learned from her, Grimes said the billionaire might have learned more enjoyment. "I tried to soften him and establish a family culture. He stole a lot of memes from me," she said. 


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