The talent gap in the chip field in the United States is widening. Enterprise project landing into a problem

US Chip Talent Gap Widening, Project Implementation Becoming Challenging The US government's efforts to strengthen local chip manufacturing capabilities have stimulated massive investments. However, the resulting labor shortage is causing concerns for major companies. TSMC, the world's largest contract chipmaker, stated in July that there is currently a lack of local talent with expertise in semiconductor facility construction, making it difficult for their planned factory in Arizona to achieve its goal of starting production next year.

The signing of the Chip and Science Act by US President Biden a year ago has had a significant impact on the global semiconductor industry. Many semiconductor companies have committed to investing $231 billion in building chip manufacturing centers in the US. Now, as projects are underway, companies are realizing the challenges of recruiting talent. Brian Harrison, President of TSMC Arizona, said, "We are still actively looking for more qualified skilled workers. We are installing extremely advanced US-exclusive equipment, but American workers lack experience with these specialized tools and technologies.

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